How To Choose A Motel

Posted on: 29 April 2020

Motels are ideal for long-distance travellers who require short-term accommodation before proceeding with their trip. The excerpt below provides some helpful tips to help you choose an appropriate motel.


Check the motel's social media pages and Google My Business listing to know the experiences of other customers who have visited the establishment. The Google My Business listing will also indicate the exact location of the motel. Preferably, choose a motel that is located along the main highway on the outskirts of town. 


The motel should have ample and secure parking. You are likely to make new friends at the motel if you find cars with plates from other states and countries at the parking lot. If you find trucks at the parking lot, then you are likely to meet heavy haulage drivers inside the motel. They may be a bit noisy. However, they have interesting stories that will keep you laughing all night. Besides, they may provide essential information on road conditions and the stops you should consider along your way. If you have some car trouble, they may diagnose and provide an instant remedy. They may also refer you to a reputable mechanic.

Arrive Early

Arriving early will help you examine the various facilities in the motel. Ask the front desk attendant to show you one of the rooms. More often than not, they will show you the cleanest room since they want you to stay at the motel. The bathroom, sheets and towels should be spotlessly clean. Lift the mattress and check under the bed for signs of bugs. The room should have functional locks. Besides, check the functionality of the refrigerator, air conditioning system, Wi-Fi and cable TV. 

Choose a strategically located room. You may want to be able to see your vehicle from the room. You could also choose a room with a balcony facing natural features such as the beach, mountains or lakes. 


The motel should be reasonably priced. Most cashiers will give you a price cut if the motel does not have many guests. Besides, you could also get a discount if you intend to stay for long. Check the motel's terms and conditions. For instance, are you allowed to bring in pets? When does the motel replenish supplies and change sheets and towels? Check the accepted forms of payment. Some motels have a no smoking policy. Make sure you inquire about the check-in and check-out time. 

Make your stay at the motel enjoyable by visiting the pool or bar area. Do not shy off from trying local cuisines and beers. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers motel accommodations.


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