Three Things That You Need to Check Before Booking Your Next Hotel

Posted on: 28 February 2019

Going on a holiday and enjoying the many natural and man-made wonders Australia has to offer is one of the perks of living in the land down under. Whether you are visiting one of the major cosmopolitan cities on the east coast or the colourful country towns away from civilisation, there are some things you will want to have guaranteed when you book your hotel. If these services are not present at the hotel you are booking, then you should find one that does offer them, as these things will improve your stay considerably and should be considered standard for any hotel.


While hotels should be considered multifaceted establishments, the two most important features are generally the lodging and the dining facilities. A hotel without dining is missing an integral part of its identity, and this will make your stay more uncomfortable than it should be. After all, while going out for food is a part of any holiday, sometimes you just want to relax and stay in, and your hotel should be able to accommodate that. When booking your hotel, make sure to check the menu and see what items you are likely to try out, and, if you don't particularly like the menu, maybe try another hotel in the area more suited to your tastes. Many people make dining the priority when booking a hotel, and a whole subculture of food tourism is blooming across Australia, meaning many establishments are eager to please and feature dining facilities that you should look out for.

Safe and Accessible Parking

If you are spending any amount of time in a hotel, you will want your vehicle to be secured while you are otherwise occupied. An unfortunate reality is that tourists are often easy prey to all sorts of criminals, and that includes thieves who will break a window to get to your valuables, or, even worse, carjackers who will steal your car. If you are renting a vehicle then you will be covered for theft, but getting the paperwork done is a time-consuming hassle that you will want to avoid, so make sure to check the parking facilities when booking your accommodation. 

Concierge Services

One of the nice things about taking a holiday is the ability to try and minimise as much work as possible by getting professionals to help you out. While this does not mean you can treat the hotel assistants as slaves, it does mean that you can ask politely for help booking activities and then get opinions on what attractions there are to see in the area. The best way to ensure you are talking to someone at the hotel who has experience in this area of hospitality is to ask for the concierge, as one of their primary functions is to help you enjoy your stay by taking care of more menial tasks like bookings and such. When booking a hotel, it is always beneficial to find one with a quality concierge service, as they can dramatically increase your enjoyment of any particular city. 


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