5 sure tips on finding affordable accommodation in Australia

Posted on: 19 January 2017

The peak of travel to Australia began last month and will go until February. Vacationists and tourists love to flock in at summer to enjoy Sydney and Melbourne and the Australian ports and waters. If you plan to travel to Australia any time this year, preparing ahead of time will save you a great deal of money because Australia is no joke when it comes to accommodation fares. Here are some tips that will help you save when choosing accommodation.

Pay for a cruise

For less than $100 in Australia, you can travel to several ports and see many places while getting accommodation, food, entertainment and transportation. It is also easy to make friends. For the pricey Australia that we all know, this is a very good deal.

Call the hotel directly

Booking the traditional way will save you. You will be surprised how easy it becomes to get a discount. This is because, over the phone, you are discussing with a real person whereas online you are making a booking based on a fixed price. So even if you are abroad, call and try to negotiate.

Remember that a longer stay yields a cheaper fee

Staying longer guarantees the hotel that their room is covered for a longer time. In response, a hotel management won't mind giving a discount. Remember it costs to clean and change the bed sheets, supply towels and restock the room with soap and the mini bar with drinks. Staying longer reduces those costs for the hotel. Make sure to pay a full amount once you've identified a place of your choice. It is cheaper than making a payment on each day.

Choose lodging that suits your needs

Let's say you are traveling alone on a simple vacation just to chill off the heat from work and to see Australia. You don't need a big bed with flowers, candy and candle lights. If you want to save, your choice of accommodation would be a simple single room in the heart of the city so that you can easily hop in and out of your room to take walks on the Australian streets to look for good food and drinks without having to incur transport costs.

Do your homework

There are 8 billion Internet pages and a thousand of those have some information to offer you about cheap accommodation in Australia. Read genuine hotel reviews, ask questions and don't forget that there are lots of travel clubs on the Internet. Join a club and use that knowledge to find a cheap place to stay during your trip in Australia.


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