3 Winning Tricks To Negotiate The Bells And Whistles For A Wedding Venue On A Shoestring Budget

Posted on: 26 October 2016

Some brides love the idea of traditional, black-tie wedding venues, but they sometimes come with high price labels. Research shows that the average cost of an Australian wedding is $36,200. This amount can put young couples out of pocket for a long time, especially when they are saving for a deposit on a new home. Your wedding should be memorable, but it needn't eat into the rest of your life. Follow these winning tricks to negotiate the bells and whistles for a wedding venue on a shoestring budget.

Go Off Peak With Your Wedding Timing

The concept of off-peak travel discounts on trains is common in Australia. Apply the same concept to your wedding reception venue to get a better deal. If you decide to get hitched, keep in mind that peak wedding seasons are in spring and autumn. ABS figures indicate that March is the most popular month, followed by November. On the other hand, July is the least popular month for weddings. Reception venues probably don't make as much money during this off-peak time, so they may be willing to give you some freebies to secure your business. If you choose to get married then, you'll be in a much more commanding position to negotiate better value from the venue. For instance, you can negotiate for more food items and venue-offered décor without having to pay an extra price.

Feel No Shame In Asking For Discounts

Many couples are wary of asking for discounts because it makes them look cheap, but the truth is that if you don't ask, you won't get. Wedding venues are not averse to giving you better value for your big day because they know how important it is to you and want to win your business. When a price is offered, feel no shame in asking for few discounts to match your shoestring budget. Let the venue know how important price is to you and ask them what they can do to sweeten the price point. You'll often find that venues are willing to meet you somewhere in the middle to help you get the dream wedding you want.

Ask To Supply Your Own Drinks

Alcohol often ends up being one of the most expensive elements, so you may want to negotiate with the wedding venue to supply your own. If the venue has no strict rules, they may be willing to allow you to bring your own drinks for a small fee –– bringing down your wedding costs significantly. Get even more innovative and head to a boutique winery to negotiate a sweeter deal on wine bottles for your wedding. Many boutique wineries will be willing to offer you a much lower price to win your business.

A tight budget means that you have to be more creative with your thinking. Let these ideas help you bring down the overall costs of your wedding.


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